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QR codes are becoming increasingly popular. All a person has to do is take out their smartphone, scan the QR code, and they can read the contained text or be taken to the corresponding URL. Here to make use of the popularity of QR codes is a service that lets you market your product or service to the smartphone user: Paperlinks.

website with qr code

Paperlinks is a web service that lets you create a mini-website intended for cellphones; the site contains information about your services or products. You are provided with a QR code for your site. You can publish this code on items or share it online with others. When smartphone users scan the code, they are taken to your site. The idea can not only be used by businesses; you can simply create a “˜Paperlink’ for party invitations with all the information on the page.

create a mini website

For iPhone users, the site has a dedicated iOS application. Other smartphone users can scan the QR code as they regularly do. The free account of Paperlinks lets you create only 1 paperlink and add only 4 modules to your site.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create mini websites.
  • Provides  a QR code for the site.
  • Helps easily reach out to smartphone users.
  • Similar tools: Qrnote, QRcore, BeQRious and QRJumps.

Check out Paperlinks @

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