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Remember when you used to receive those well-designed and stylish invitation cards for events and social gatherings? Most of us still receive that, but lets be honest, paper invitations are slowly getting replaced by email invites. And there are a number of online tools that help you create such invitations.

However, Paperless Post is different. While it does send invites through email, it brings back the feel of those creatively designed and crafted paper based invitation cards. There are save-the-date cards, seasonal invites and other casual invitations to choose from. Just sign up, select a style, customize it with images and colors and bulk email it to your guests.
custom online stationery
The invites reach your guests’ inboxes in stamped envelopes, like you get in the real world. You can use it for free for up to 25 guests. If you want to send it to more people, then you can select a plan from their affordable pricing structure.


  • Create stylish online stationery and invites.
  • Lots of designs and styles to choose from.
  • Personalize the invitation by adding images, logo, font colors etc.
  • Send to 25 guests for free. For more, they have an affordable pricing plan.

Check out Paperless Post@

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