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Papercuts is a browser extension for Chrome that lets you save all of your notes and memos from right within the browser. It is simple to use and versatile at the same time. It comes in handy in situations when you have to save a keyword, phrase or a block of text from a webpage to use later. After you install Papercuts you simply select the text and click “Add to Papercut” from the menu. Your note is automatically saved in your notes. To view all of your saved notes, you don’t even have have to leave your current page. Simply click on the extension icon (from the top right corner) to view saved notes.

You can group your notes into different tabs (e.g. personal, misc, read later) and tag them with labels. Rearrange your notes by dragging them with your mouse, enable/disable notes and copy the notes to your clipboard in a single click. If there are notes you keep using most frequently, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to those notes (Alt+1, Alt+2, … up to Alt+9) and paste them quickly anywhere with the assigned keys.

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papercuts chrome extension


  • Extension for Google Chrome.
  • Store unlimited, multiline notes with labels.
  • Share notes between computers with Chrome sync.
  • Tabbed UI to organize notes into multiple pages.
  • Add selected text to a note from the context menu.
  • Paste notes into form fields from the context menu or keyboard shortcuts.
  • Hide and disable notes to save space.
  • Easy editing, re-ordering and deleting.
  • Customization options with adjustable width and background color picker.
  • Related tools Meaki, PageStickies.

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