Paparazzize – Take Full Webpage Screenshots [Mac Only]

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screenshot software macHow many instances have you needed to take a full-page snapshot of a website but lacked the resources to do it? We’ve covered some browser screenshot web-apps in the past but most of them have some limitations. Kyle wrote about kwout but the screenshots can’t be larger than 600 x 600 pixels. SuperScreenshots works pretty well but the font rendering is changed slightly in the screenshot.

Luckily for Mac, we have Paparazzi! No, I’m not getting excited, it just happens to have an exclamation sign in its name. Unlike the other two web-apps, Paparazzi is a desktop application. I prefer Paparazzi! over SuperScreenshots because it is more configurable and also provides an option to create thumbnails.

Launch Paparazzi! and you’re presented with a simple interface where you’ll see an address bar and some optional configurations for your snapshot output (minimum size and crop), a preview and a large Capture button.

screenshot on mac

In order to take a webpage snapshot, you’ll need to enter the site’s address into the address bar. If the site is in focus within your browser (I’ve only tried this on Safari), you could go to the File menu -> Capture from -> Capture URL from Safari. Pretty neat stuff if you have a bunch of websites to take snapshots of because it saves some “Copy & Paste” manual labour.

After clicking on Capture and getting a preview, you can now save your snapshot. Clicking on “Save image as” will present a typical ‘Save As’ pop-up. You will have the ability to save the image as the format you desire (PNG, JPG, TIFF or PDF). Out of the four options, three are high quality output formats. Brilliant! You also have the chance to save a thumbnail of the snapshot. A thumbnail is just a smaller version of the image which you can show as a preview. The fact that Paparazzi! does this for me automatically with one click is very useful. Normally, I would have to save the image in two sizes to achieve the same effect.

screen capture mac

Here is a snapshot comparison between SuperScreenshots and Paparazzi. Both are PNG formatted. Can you spot the difference?

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paparazzi - screenshot software

Paparazzi was last updated in 2006 but it still works fine on OS X Leopard 10.5.5. Download it for free!

Personally, I would prefer to use Paparazzi if the need arises compared to any web-app. But then, that’s my opinion. What about you? Are there any other full-length website snapshot applications you would like to suggest?

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