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Pandora just released version 4.0 to iOS users, with an update for Android coming in the next few weeks. This new update adds some awesome new features that users of these devices should be rather excited about. Pandora’s goal for this update is to offer a better overall listening experience to its users.

The first major part of this update is the inclusion of a unified interface. Pandora always used a different interface in its iOS and Android applications, and now, that is going away. Users with devices on both mobile operating systems will be able to grow accustomed to one interface for Pandora.

This update also improves artists pages, so users can find out more information about exactly what they are listening to. It also includes new user profile pages. These pages serve as a timeline for what the user has been up to on Pandora. It offers a snapshot of their musical tastes.

Another cool feature in the new version of Pandora is the music feed. With this, users can see what is trending on Pandora at any moment. It’s an easy feature to use, and it might help users find cool stuff to listen to that they have never thought of before.

The last major feature of this update is greatly improved social options. This should help users share their musical tastes with their friends more quickly and easily than ever before.


75% of Pandora’s traffic comes from mobile devices, so it is obviously key that the mobile apps are kept current and full of new features. In fact, according to Pandora, only Google generates more revenue in the US from mobile advertising.

The Android app will be available in the next couple of weeks, and the iOS version is available on the App Store now.

Source: VentureBeat

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