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Are you one of the many bloggers out there who wish they could get blog sponsorship but don’t know where to start? Are you looking to monetise your blog, but don’t want to fill your blog up with Google ads? Well, here’s some tips about blog sponsorship and a few leads to get you started.

Sponsorship is very different to affiliate adverts How to Set Up an Affiliate Program on a New Blog or Website How to Set Up an Affiliate Program on a New Blog or Website Read More : Sponsors will pay bloggers simply to have their message on your blog, whereas affiliates will only pay for clicks or purchases Placing an Ad for Free? Affiliate Programs Don't Always Work Placing an Ad for Free? Affiliate Programs Don't Always Work Read More . There are also a great variety of sponsorships available: monthly contracts; event contracts; sponsorship of regular posts; one-off sponsorships co-ordinated by a third party. What you choose is up to you.

Finding A Sponsor Quickly

There are ways to get blog sponsorship through websites which connect bloggers with companies wishing to gain exposure. When you sign up to these sites, you can often choose which products you are happy to write about. This way, you can write honest reviews of products you can stand behind. Most importantly, all of these sites will pay you a nominated fee for your endorsement rather than offering pay-per-click affiliate schemes. All of the following sites have their own guidelines regarding which blogs will be accepted.

Sponsored Reviews

Depending on the size of your readership, you could earn $5-$1,000 for writing a sponsored review on your blog. Sponsored Reviews connects you with an advertiser, then makes payments to your Paypal account after your review is approved. Sponsored Reviews lets you search for an advertiser or for them to search for you.

how to get a blog sponsor


Social Spark

Social Spark connects advertisers and bloggers, allowing bloggers to write short reviews for a fee or to host adverts as an affiliate. All payments are made by Paypal. See also PayPerPost which is run by the same people.

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Review Me

Review Me lets bloggers write reviews of promoter products for $20-$200 per review. Bloggers are limited by their blog’s rating to only publish a certain number of reviews per month. Payments are by Paypal, American cheque or their own Mastercard.

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Do You Want A Personal Sponsor?

Tip #1 – Keep It Real

Stay true to yourself and keep your readers’ best interests in mind. Don’t promote things you don’t wholly endorse. Maintain your integrity and be upfront about your sponsorship in an introductory blog post.

Tip #2 – Write A Professional Sponsorship Document

Write a little bit about yourself and your blog, including all your contact details. Tell the reader why they might want to work with you “” why is your exposure good for the sponsor? Determine your niche market, readership demographics, the keywords your blog is ranked highly for and how frequently you post. Decide exactly what you can offer any given sponsor and how much you expect to receive for your efforts “” Do you want monthly sponsorship, giveaways or do you want sponsorship for a conference? Always make sure you can follow through or over-deliver on your promises. Ensure your terms are clear and stipulate that you will not write more than is declared in the sponsorship agreement. Make this document professional and ready to send to any prospective sponsor, but remember to tailor it somewhat to each company you approach.

An example sponsorship tier system:

  • Gold Sponsorship $300: 7 Dofollow links from multiple domains (for six months). Logo Exposure. Blog post recommending sponsor.
  • Silver Sponsorship $150: 3 Dofollow links from multiple domains (for six months).
  • Bronze Sponsorship Products/Services: 1 Dofollow link (for six months).

how to get a blog sponsor

Tip #3 – Promote Your Search For Sponsorship

Marketers looking to sponsor bloggers are time poor. You can bet that they will occasionally search for bloggers who want sponsorship in their niche area. If you don’t have a page or post on your site declaring that you want sponsorship then they’ll never find you. Add as much or as little of your sponsorship rates as you wish “” just make sure that you add enough information to get found by them when they’re looking!

Tweeting a message about your drive for sponsors might work, but it’s an unfocused effort. You will find better results in researching good sponsorship matches yourself and approaching them directly. Also, consider asking local businesses for sponsorship “” you never know who will be interested. Sponsorships are all about relationships, so it often does come down to who you know and deal with already.

More Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

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Good luck with your sponsorship efforts. If you have had some success gaining sponsorship for your blog, let us know how you did it in the comments!

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