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If you ever read list article where each item is presented on separate page you would know that you spend more time clicking and waiting than actually reading it. Previously profiled PrintWhatYouLike PrintWhatYouLike- Save Paper & Ink when Printing Web Pages PrintWhatYouLike- Save Paper & Ink when Printing Web Pages Read More has released one cool browser bookmarklet called PageZipper which can automatically merge articles with multiple pages into one page so you can read them without having to click and wait. To get a better idea see the video below:

To install PageZipper on your browser simply drag a bookmarklet and drop it onto your browser toolbar. From that moment whenever there is multi-page article PageZipper will automatically merge it, and all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and keep on reading. There is also a Firefox add-on.

For image galleries, instead of scrolling you can use shortcuts “Ctrl +Down Arrow” to skip to the next image, ”Control +Up Arrow” return to the previous image. The images are also automatically resized┬áto fit your browser window, so you see the entire image without having to scroll.

Check out PageZipper @

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