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One of the greatest challenges a website owner faces is making their website run as fast as possible. If a visitor comes to your site and finds that it takes too long to load, they will quickly move to another site that offers a similar service with better performance. PageSpeed Insights is a tool for Google Chrome designed to help website owners analyse the speed of their websites and get tips for increasing that speed.

check how fast your website is

PageSpeed Insights is an easy to use extension that runs quietly in the background until you need it. Once installed, you access the information it provides by going to developer tools by clicking the wrench on the top right of the screen. From here, select “Tools” and then “Developer Tools.” In the developer tools option you need to click the icon for PageSpeed. The last step is to click “Analyze” and let the app do its thing.

pagespeed insights

Once it runs its report, it will assign a score out of 100. It will also tell you the types of things you need to do to improve. It ranks the possible improvements by priority, letting you know exactly what improvements are most important. For web developers, this is an important tool that can help you improve your websites performance a great deal.



Find PageSpeed Insights on the Chrome Web Store

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