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PageOnce is a one of a kind service that aggregates all of your web accounts in one secure online location. The idea is to bring your web accounts together to one place and make it easy for you to get a quick overview.

PageOnce -  Get Your Web Accounts in One place

What’s particularly impressive about PageOnce is the number of services it supports. Track your bank accounts, credit cards, investment portfolio, mobile phone bills, mobile usage, emails accounts, facebook notifications, flight miles from Airlines, Paypal payments, …. lots of stuff.

PageOnce -  Supported Accounts

If you are frustrated with navigating multiple websites and managing too many passwords? Then PageOnce is for you. Apart from pulling relevant information from each account, PageOnce also provides one-click login option in case you want to log on to some service. So it’s also a web-based password manager.

There is no word on how many services PageOnce can access, but there are definitely lots of them. Service categories include:

  • Finance (Americal Express, Discover, Paypal, …)
  • Shopping (eBay, Costco, Starbucks Card)
  • Utilities (AT&T Wireless, verless Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, …)
  • Social (Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn,, …)
  • Travel (United Aitlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines …)
  • Email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail).

If you have some security and privacy concerns see what PageOnce has to say about it here and here


[Video] PageOnce Offers Dashboard for Personal Internet Accounts

PageOnce is still in beta and doesn’t offer instant account sign-up yet. However being a MakeUseOf reader you can you grab yorself a beta account from here.

Visit PageOnce @

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