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Websites are great but sometimes all you need is a quick and simple webpage. PageEasy is one of the simplest tools to create a free temporary web page without writing any code. Once you sign up for a free account, you can insert text, links, email addresses and more by simply typing it.

You can also copy paste any HTML code to insert images, forms, buttons, banners and anything else that you can think of. Each page you create gets a custom URL like and stays on the servers for exactly one year if you never update your page, but if you keep it updated at least once a year, the page is saved indefinitely. You can get up to 10 text/HTML boxes in your page and create as many webpages as you want for free.

free temporary web page


  • Create a temporary webpage within seconds.
  • Insert text, URL and email links.
  • Paste HTML code to insert images, forms and banners.
  • Get a custom URL for each page.
  • Your page expires after exactly one year.
  • Create as many webpages as you want for free.
  • Similart sites: DisposableWebPage and DinkyPage.

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