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One thing in common with all webmasters is that they want their website’s loading times to be fast. But manually checking each aspect of the website to ensure speedy loading can be very time consuming. Here to speed up your site’s loading is a tool called Page Speed Service.

speed up loading time website

Page Speed Service is a web tool that helps you speed up the loading time of your websites. You start using the service signing up for an account. During sign up you provide your site’s serving and reference domains. Next you send traffic to the service by pointing your DNS CNAME entry to Once sign up is complete the site gathers content from your site’s servers; the site’s webpages are then rewritten by applying the best performance practices. The site is delivered to the end-users using Google’s own servers worldwide.

Currently Page Speed Service is being offered to certain webmasters for free. Soon the site will offer paid services with competitive prices.


Check out Page Speed Service @


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