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We all want websites to load faster and so does Google, since faster websites translate into more visits and more Google Ad views. Therefore to help web developers speed up their sites, Google has launched a nifty suggestions tool called Page Speed Online.

improve site load time

Page Speed Online is a free to use website that provides useful suggestions to improve the speeds of a webpage. All you have to do is pass a website URL through Page Speed Online and instantly the suggestions are displayed. These suggestions are categorized into three different priorities: high, medium, and low. These categories appear on the left while their corresponding suggestions are present on the right.

With each suggestion you can see the amount that could be sped up in kilobytes and as a percentage. You can view these suggestions, judge which ones you can implement and which you can ignore, and quickly improve the loading speed of your website.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Provides suggestions on how improve your website’s loading speed.
  • Categorizes suggestions into high, medium, and low priority.
  • With each suggestion you see the kilobytes and percentage data that can be reduced from the site’s size.
  • Similar tools: WebsiteSpeedTest, Slowcop, WhatLoadsFaster, WebsiteSpeedTest, WebPagetest, and PageSpeed.

Check out Page Speed Online @


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