PadMapper: Easy Way To Search Craigslist For Rental Property

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PadMapper is a Google maps mashup that makes it easy to search and browse Craigslist rental property listings. Instead of using maps as a helper extension to view listings, it uses maps as the primary browser for apartments. You can view available apartments all over US, zoom in to view listings in a particular state/city or a neighborhood. The closer you zoom in, the more results you will see.

craigslist rental property

You can zoom in down to a street level and view the restaurants, bars and shops in the surrounding area using the Street View feature. It also lets you instantly filter apartments based on criteria such as max/min rent, # of bedrooms, max price per bedroom, pictures etc. Pretty cool.

craigslist apartment search

If you found an apartment that interests you, add it to Favorites and view the list later. However, if you want to keep the saved entries beyond your browser session, provide an email and when you close your browser you will be sent the results to your email address.


  • Craigslist apartment search using Google Maps.
  • Zoom in/out to view available apartments in the whole country, state/city or a neighbourhood.
  • Zoom in closer to view more results in a particular area.
  • Filter apartments based on criteria such as max/min rent, # of bedrooms, max price per bedroom, pictures etc.
  • View surrounding area of the apartment using the Street View feature.
  • Save apartments in Favorites. Provide your email to view them later when you end your session.
  • Free and no registration.
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Hi, I’m the author of… Thanks for the great writeup!

I just wanted to add that I just released an iPhone app that works in conjunction with the site, for helping people find nearby places as they’re wandering around neighborhoods they like. It’s also called PadMapper (though the primary search interface isn’t a map).

If anyone has any issues with PadMapper (either version), please email me at




Thank for the link. You may also want to try

I use it to search craigslist for investment properties.

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