Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge: Find How Well You Really Spell

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Do you think you are a skilled speller? Does finding the right letters for every word you put on paper come naturally to you? Maybe you’re all talk, and I think you should prove it by trying out the Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge. It allows you to test your spelling chops and prove if you are really a talented speller.

how well you spell

The program allows you to choose from three difficulty levels – tricky, difficult and fiendish. The words are read aloud, and you simply need to type what you hear and press enter. If you miss the word, you can click listen again to have the computer repeat the word.

spelling bee

You can choose to have your words in British English and US English. This allows everyone to make use of the program, regardless if they are from the UK or the United States.


Find Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge @ blog.oxforddictionaries.com/media/spelling-bee-2011

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General Melchett

“Spam check: Do you speak English? (yes or no)”

Well I thought I did, but now I’m not so sure…



This is an excellent spelling aid.

Luckily, I did very well, though I did need to ask a few times for words to be repeated. Maybe I need to wash my ears out better.

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