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If you are a big time music buff and were one of the first to grab a Spotify invite which opened to users in the US recently, then you might want to check out this simple yet cool tool called Overhere. It wants to help you listen to the music stream of another user in almost real time using Spotify. Enter the username of that user in the box on the site, hit “Start Listening” and the playlist will start playing in Spotify. Simple and easy. user

The site doesn’t require a sign up. While is available to almost everyone in this world, Spotify isn’t and that’s what limits the usage of this tool. It’s available exclusively for Spotify users, so if you live in Europe (where Spotify was made available a long time ago) or have had a chance to use it in the US, this tool if for you.


  • Listen in real time to the stream of a fellow user.
  • The music plays in Spotify.

Check out Overhere @

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