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Microsoft has launched Outlook Premium out of beta. This means anyone can now sign up to use the premium version of Microsoft’s email service… for a price. Thankfully, anyone signing up between now and the end of March can get a full year of Outlook Premium for just $19.95.

In February 2016, Microsoft began trialling a new premium version of In April 2016, Microsoft invited selected users to participate in the beta. In October 2016, Outlook Premium went live You Can Now Try Outlook Premium on the Cheap You Can Now Try Outlook Premium on the Cheap Microsoft has launched Outlook Premium in a public preview, and if you sign up now, you can get it at a reduced price for the first 12 months. Read More , becoming available as a public preview. And now it’s launching out of beta.

Outlook Premium Comes Out of Beta

As first spotted by, Microsoft has quietly dropped the “Preview” tag, meaning Premium is now available to anyone willing to pay for it. The basic price is $49.99-a-year with custom domains costing extra after the first year.

An Outlook Premium subscription offers:

  • Support for custom domains with up to five personalized email addresses.
  • Advanced sharing options for contacts, documents, and calendars between those users.
  • No banner ads, meaning you can enjoy a “distraction-free view of your email”.

If you sign up to try Outlook Premium before March 31, you’ll pay $19.95 for the first year. The price will then shoot up to $49.99. Sadly, Outlook Premium is only available in the United States, so the rest of us schmucks will have to wait until Microsoft remembers we exist.

Outlook Premium Is a Tough Sell

Outlook Premium is going to be a tough sell for Microsoft, especially at $49.99-a-year. However, Microsoft isn’t exactly overcharging here. Even at the regular non-trial price, Outlook Premium looks to be good value for money. The problem is, does anyone actually want a premium version of Microsoft’s email offerings Hotmail No More! Microsoft Outlook Email Services Explained Hotmail No More! Microsoft Outlook Email Services Explained Stop searching for Hotmail! The terminology surrounding the various Microsoft Outlook email services is confusing. If you no longer know whether it's called Outlook web app, Outlook Online, or other, let us explain. Read More ?

Do you use Do you like it enough to consider upgrading to Outlook Premium? If so, which feature makes Outlook Premium worth paying for? If not, what puts you off? Is Outlook Premium worth $50-a-year? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Dennis Skley via Flickr

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  1. George christie
    March 31, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    Since the advert for UPGRADE TO PREMIUM appeared alongside my inbox I have had problems with my e-mail(attaching photos, documents even opening new mail) are they connected and can I get rid of this ad?

  2. SilverDragonSys
    February 14, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    I might be tempted at $19.99 for a year, but in its current state I would never pay $49.99/yr.

    The junk filters take so long to learn, messages are misfiled occasionally, "select all" seldom selects everything in the folder , and a few other little quirks. If these things were improved (a.k.a. Fixed) in both the basic and premium accounts then It might be worth $40 - $50 a year.