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You will find countless big-chain outlet stores in America. People often know very little about the history and details of each one though. If a new branch of a famous outlet opened up in your area, would you not like to know what it is all about? Here to help you with that is a web service called Outletnote.

outlet stores in the usa

Outletnote is a free to use web service that provides detailed information on the outlets in the US. The site is organized in a very neat manner and provides all information in quite a succinct way. You can check out the outlet details either by browsing them alphabetically or by going through them according to the US state/city they are situated in.


When you click on an outlet’s name, its detailed information is presented to you. This information mainly includes the store’s history and the items it sells.


A map of the store helps you locate it visually.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides information on outlets in the US.
  • Lets you browse outlets alphabetically or city-wise.
  • Provides history of outlets.
  • Provides a map of outlet branches.

Check out Outletnote @

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