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OurShelf is a nice cataloging application which lets you catalog all your personal items (CDs, DVDs, Books etc) online and share this information with others. You can add items to your shelf and organize them by different labels, borrow and lend items with your friends and create and share wishlists.

Browse shelves of other users, find items that interest you and form/join groups with people around similar interests. Sign up to get started.

cataloging application

How it works:

  1. Search for your item online (site searches your item from various online retailers’ websites).
  2. Browse and refine search results by category, find your item among search results and add it to your shelf with one click.
  3. Perform the above operation for all your items

There is a Firefox plugin available. Install it to catalog your personal items from the browser.

cataloging tools


Check out OurShelf @

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