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Call centers, pharmacies, and hospitals often keep a record of employees’ shifts in registers and on paper. This type of storage is inflexible and often to check a little detail you have to flip through a dozen pages. Here to offer a far better solution is an online service called Otipo.

shift scheduling tool

Otipo is a user-friendly shift-scheduling online service that will serve all organization where employees work in shifts. You start using the site by selecting one of the predefined organizations – call center, pharmacy, restaurant, hotel – or define one of your own. Next you enter the names of the employees whose names will be appearing on the shift schedules. An intuitive schedule is loaded up that you can easily customize.

employee shift scheduling online

The schedule is divided into shift cells that display the availability of each employee. Employees can log into their own Otipo accounts to mark their availability and check which shifts they are scheduled for. Shift data for each employee can easily be viewed from the scheduling page.

employee shift scheduling software



  • A user-friendly employee shift scheduling online.
  • Works excellently for all organizations where employees work in shifts.
  • Employees can login to mark their availability and view their shift times.
  • Similar tools: ShiftPlanning and RotaBoard.

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