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Whether you’re a writer, a musician or a videographer, content providers can all agree on one thing: for some projects, advertising revenue isn’t enough to cover the cost of production.

Enter Oronjo. This service aims to make selling online content simple: just upload the file, set a price and link to the store page.

sell your content

Content providers can sell their content Radiohead-style: that is, allow users to set their own price. Or providers can go the more traditional route and set a price in advance.

As of this writing, Oronjo is offered completely free of charge: there aren’t even royalties to think about. While Oronjo’s FAQ admits this may change one day, it insists only 20% of content producers will end up paying anything. If this is true Oronjo could be a real help to a lot of writers, artists and musicians out there who can bring their digital goods to market without worrying about any overhead whatsoever.

sell your content



  • Upload and sell content at fixed or user-defined rates.
  • No charge or royalties.
  • Bloggers can sell access to certain articles.
  • Similar tools: Tagito and BigCartel.

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