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Advertisement - Cute Flash Games For All cutecats2Have you ever seen something so cute your legs turned into jelly? Have you ever seen something so cute that you let that cockroach living under your sofa live a couple more weeks? Have you ever seen something so cute that your heart turned into something with the viscosity level of Gerber baby food? Yeah, well I haven’t. But I present you one of the few flash game websites that gets pretty darn close.

cute flash games is a site started in 2001 by a quirky guy named Ferry Halim, winning awards and acclaim for its simple yet addictive cute flash games. This website is the essence of simple, cute, fun, and relaxing to take your mind off your worries and put you at ease, at least for a while. So, let’s talk a bit about the games, shall we? - Cute Flash Games For All orisinalhome

Each of these little squares represents a separate flash game. Each flash game has its own custom composed music, controls, gameplay, and graphics. No two games are alike.

Orisinal likes to use lots of cute and cuddly animals in its games, and the music is some of the best ambient and gentle music I have ever heard. As for the gameplay, most if it requires that you have a mouse and are at least half awake. Take probably its most famous game, for instance: Winter Bells (depicted below). As you move your mouse around the screen, the bunny follows. Once you click, the bunny jumps into the air. The goal is to jump on consecutive bells and go higher and higher, trying to not fall back onto the ground: - Cute Flash Games For All winterbells


There are some other features on the site including linkback, guestbook, “tell a friend”, and an online store where you can purchase mugs, t-shirts, clocks (like the raccoon clock below), and other assortments of goods to make your abode a sunnier, happier place. - Cute Flash Games For All orisinalclock1

You can also arrange flowers in a vase of some sort and send it to someone’s email to brighten their day. Spending a couple of minutes on this site is like enjoying a cup of camomile tea: it’s warm, its relaxing and it generally calms your nerves. - Cute Flash Games For All orisinalflowers

So, when you have some free time (maybe even now), give this great site a shot. It’s main purpose is to have you spend 5 hours at work playing its cute flash games instead of working, then whistle your way back home. Who knows, you might even hug a co-worker or two. Let us know if this brightened up your day.

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