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For many people, a smartphone is more than a simple utility device. It’s personal, like carrying a piece of home around in your inside pocket. People identify with and express themselves through their smartphone, making it a piece of apparel as much as a communications device. But even if you are not one of those people, and only view your phone in light of functionality, you’ll spend a fair amount of time ogling that home screen. You might as well make it a pleasant sight to behold.

Live Wallpaper: Always In Motion

A live wallpaper, for those of you not yet familiar with the term, is essentially an animated wallpaper. This can take many forms: a picture of nature that changes depending on the time of day, rays of light that dance around your screen, or even some kind of photo feed. Tina previously covered 11 different live wallpapers 11 Fascinating Android Live Wallpapers to Animate Your Home Screen 11 Fascinating Android Live Wallpapers to Animate Your Home Screen Wallpapers are an expression of yourself. Whether it's the wallpaper on your physical wall at home or your desktop wallpaper, it reveals a little bit about yourself. Or at least it shows you are not... Read More .

With Origami Live Wallpaper, the background is in constant flux. Strips of paper fade from sight or slightly change in color. Shadows shift or deepen. Your wallpaper is always changing, always evolving, and will never look the same from one moment to the next.


I admit, this sounds a bit chaotic, distracting even. It isn’t, though. Not at all. Some way or another, Origami Live Wallpaper manages to stay where it should be: in the background. This motion of ever changing colours doesn’t scream for attention. It’s an organic kind of motion that’s more soothing than anything else.



This live wallpaper is named for the traditional Japanese papercrafting art 4 Great Papercraft Websites To Waste Time 4 Great Papercraft Websites To Waste Time Read More . You know, like those folded paper cranes. This texture of folded paper is carried through to the live wallpaper, which not only looks amazing, but also gives an additional illusion of depth to your home screen.

Installation and Customisation

After downloading and installing Origami Live Wallpaper from Google Play, you can just press open now to start customizing and set your wallpaper. You can also find and configure the wallpaper by visiting Settings > Display > Wallpaper > Live Wallpapers, or (depending on your launcher) by long-pressing an empty spot on your home screen and selecting Wallpapers.


If you’ve selected the Origami Live Wallpaper, you’ll be met with a fullscreen preview, as shown in the screenshot above right. Right now, it should be using the standard theme which is also visible in most of the screenshots above. If you like how it looks, pressing Set wallpaper is as hard as it gets. For more visual goodness, you’ll also want to hit up Settings.

Wallpaper Settings

Apart from being a visually attractive addition to your home screen, Origami Live Wallpaper is also highly customizable. For the casual user, this mostly means you can choose between different themes (changing color and form). Aspiring designers can create their own themes from scratch, or change any given detail of the existing ones.

Camera Movement and Animation Speed

Camera Movement is how the wallpaper reacts when you swipe between different home screens. Standard Android behavior is to have your wallpaper slightly follow that motion. I’m a particular fan of the Little Lazy option, which does just that, but with a slight delay. Just like the paper texture of the wallpaper, it gives an additional perception of depth.


You can speed up, or slow down the animation of the Origami Live Wallpaper by changing the Speed setting. If the background motion distracts you, first try to reduce the animation speed. Similarly, if you want a more vivid, energetic, wallpaper, crank the speed up.

Theme Selection and Detailed Customization

To change the looks of Origami Live Wallpaper, select the Style option in the wallpaper settings. Here you’ll be able to switch between a dozen or so different themes. It’s a very diverse selection: cute or tough, vibrant or desaturated, you name it.


Pressing the die at the bottom of the screen will randomize some of the settings. This changes up the shades, colors and the dominant angles; it essentially generates a new random theme. If you’re feeling mighty adventurous, you can also press the little settings icon at the bottom of the screen and start tweaking the theme and all its minute details. (This is also where you can revert the theme to it’s original state after randomizing.)


And you can really can tweak everything. Every diagonal can be toggled on or off, with different color gradients and particle counts. The same is true for the shadows in the image. It’s a bit daunting to face this menu with its many, many options. Lucky for us mere mortals, there’s also a button that allows you to restore a theme to its default settings.

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Image credit: Placeit.

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  1. Tom S
    December 29, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    This is great, thanks for the recommendation, I installed it. My phone looks awesome!

  2. Amy
    December 12, 2013 at 4:16 am

    How does something like this affect the battery life?

    • Simon S
      December 12, 2013 at 3:35 pm

      Good question. I haven't noticed anything so far, but I'll take a closer look at the impact on battery life.

    • Simon S
      December 23, 2013 at 7:52 pm

      Hardly conclusive, but I ran a battery monitoring tool with and without Origami Live Wallpaper running. It seems to have a notable impact on the battery. Here's the comparison.