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how to organize photosI take a lot of pictures. I go away for a week and come back with thousands of pictures. I have tried all the different image management applications like desktop-based Picasa and web-based Flickr to figure out the best way how to organize photos.

If you have to deal with a lot of images and you want to be able to easily tag, arrange, search and play in a neat interface, then Viewer2 is the application for you. It has command keys and lots of functionality for the advanced user and ease of use for beginners. There is an online manual and all for the low, low cost of free.

I can explain this application until I am blue in the face but the video at the end of the post will really show you how awesome the application is and how fun it is to use. Think of it as BumpTop but for your images.

We start by downloading the application from here. Install it and then launch it. You will see a blue screen. Do not worry, this is what the application looks like. If you move your mouse up to the top of the screen, you will see the menu bar like so:

how to organize photos

The first thing I did was to attempt to get my images into Viewer2. I clicked on the ‘Open folder’ button next to the asterisk on the left hand side of the menu. Clicking on that brings up an open file box as you can see below:


how to organize photos

Choosing one image will select the entire folder. I do not know if this is how the application is supposed to work or I just could not figure out how to add single images. But this worked perfectly for what I wanted to do. For this experiment, I choose a group of pictures from my trip and copied them to another directory. I then opened an image in that directory.

Viewer2 quickly showed me all of my thumbnails:

organize digital photos

You can move them around by dragging and dropping. Go ahead – it’s fun, we will wait”¦

Now double click on an image. That will bring it up full screen and you will see a tag button in the right hand corner. Click that to “Tag” an individual image.

organize digital photos

Type your tag into the ‘add tags’ box. You can enter multiple tags separated by a space.

organize digital photos

When you are done, you hit the Enter key to return to the main menu. That took me a while to get the hang of as I kept hitting Escape. Escape quickly exits the application with no warning so beware.

You can click on the tag button on the main menu to search for tags. That will bring up the find tags box as shown below:

organize photos

Simply type in your search term and hit Enter.

organize photos

Your images with that specific tag will be highlighted.

organize photos

That is how you deal with individual images but how about a group?

Well you can control click on the images and highlight each one you want or you can draw a square, with your mouse (or some other shape) around the images you want to work with like so:

Finally, A Dead-Easy Tool To Organize Your Photos view6

Then hit Enter. Anything touching your shape will be selected. You can then add a tag  to the entire group. You can drag the group away and move them anywhere you want.

There are also other sorting buttons at the top of the screen for sorting by date, size, name, resolution, tags and others. Play around with them and see what they do. You can mouse over each of the menu items and it will tell you what it does on the bottom of the screen.

The manual spoke of teaching it to automatically tag your images through a bit of what I can only call magic. If you got this working let me know in the comments.

Now check out this video:


What do you think? Will you stick to the good old Picasa or switch over to this awesome app? Let us know in the comments.

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