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media-jukebox-1Sometime back we did a poll here at Make Use Of asking our readers about their favorite music player What's your Favorite Music Player ? [Poll] What's your Favorite Music Player ? [Poll] Read More . I was just going through the comments in that poll and one of the comments about Media JukeBox caught my attention. It prompted me to download and try out this music manager and I can safely say that I finally found an awesome tool which can effectively manage the big and badly scattered collection of music files in my computer.

Media JukeBox has to be the best free music jukebox available which boasts some cool features which no other free music organizer can boast of (at least among those which I’ve tried ).

User Interface

The user interface was the first thing which immediately attracted me towards this tool and tempted me to further play with it. Unlike other music organizers where you need to spend some time initially to understand the user interface, Media Jukebox’s interface is nice, clean, simple and stylish at the same time. As you can see in the screenshot below, the interface is divided into 4 panes on the right where the top 3 panes are categorised into genre, Album Artist and Album and the big bottom pane lists the corresponding songs with the various details in different columns. The left hand side is neatly organized too and lists the playlists, podcasts, plugins and drivers.


You can easily customize the entire interface by clicking on the ‘Pane‘ button just above the 3 panes on the right side. For example, I changed the pane view to thumbnails and now it shows the thumbnails of album art in the main pane.




Smartlists is a feature which sets this tool apart and honestly speaking this was a feature which I craved for. I don’t think other tools like Media Monkey Organize And Manage Your Music Collection With MediaMonkey Organize And Manage Your Music Collection With MediaMonkey Read More have this feature or perhaps this feature isn’t easy to locate in other tools. You can consider a Smartlist as a customized playlist where you set the rules and accordingly it picks up the songs from your library and plays them. For example you may want to play the ‘top 50 hits of 1990’ or a combination of some albums and genres. You can set the rules and create a smartlist and play it whenever you like. You can create a smartlist by clicking on Edit – > Add Smartlist


Salient Features

After discussing my 2 favorite features of this app, I will now delve into the other features of this tool.

  • Extensive Album Art Support – Supports downloading all the missing cover art from Amazon. One of the nice things is that you can select different songs and download the cover art sequentially in bulk.
  • Easy Tagging – You can easily tag and alter the present information by right clicking a song and clicking on tag. It then shows a small box on the left hand side where you can easily edit the details.
  • media-jukebox-tags

  • Skins and Plugins – There are some nice skins, visualization tools and plugins available which further adds to the user experience.
  • Supports easy CD and DVD burning through drag and drop.
  • Allows you to print the album art covers.
  • Like other organizers, this has a nice search tab too which easily located the required media.
  • You can sync your collection with the iPod, PDA’s and some selected phones.

Overall, as I have already mentioned, I am quite impressed by this tool and will use it as my primary music organizer tool going forward. I recommend you try this free app and give your feedback in the comments.

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