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Springpad is an online personal organizer. It is structured as a notebook that you can use to keep track of your appointments, notes, photos, maps, to do list, plans, contacts and any kind of information that you can ever need and think of.

Springpads or your notebooks can contain maps, lists, tables, events, alarms etc. Springpads are easy to create, manage and share. You can start with one of the templates which are more of a showcase giving you a peek into all that Springpad can manage. It’s better though if you jump right in and start adding details and information yourself.

Springpad has a nice, clean interface. It does most of the work for you and you just need to enter the details, leaving all the formatting and management to the app.

To understand what I mean, lets say you want to keep track of your spending. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is having a tabular presentation to enter the details. So you create a new page in your Springpad and then click on ‘budget’ from within the ‘more’ menu (or the toolbar if its already there). This will add what could be called a budget widget to your page, having a table representing all the details that you can add and keep track of your spendings. Now you just need to enter the details, and not bother about creating the table itself.

Similarly you can add and keep track of other kinds of information like notes, lists, files, events, alarms, recipes etc.


You can share individual pages or items with others, or embed them in your webpage for the world to see by choosing ‘share’ from the options menu.

Springpad also offers collaboration with other users. You can invite others to collaborate with you by clicking on ‘My Account’ and then on ‘members’. Keep in mind that currently you don’t have control over what you choose to show to the invited members, they will be able to see everything you have in all of your Springpad’s.

Springpad also syncs all your events with Google Calendar and allows you to search and add your Gmail Contacts quickly to Springpad contacts. However you need to authorize this by signing into your Google Account, via the Account Settings Dialog. Support for importing photos from Flickr and tweeting out your shared links and events is also expected to come out in the future.

We are really curious to know what tools you have been using to organize your personal life. Do you think Springpad can replace those tools? There is surely room for some improvements and features. Have your say and let us know in the comments.

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