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Media Monkey MediaMonkey is a full-featured music player and music collection organizer. It can convert audio, automatically rename your files, find duplicates and missing tags, create and save playlists, generate statistical reports and more! There’s also a pro version called MediaMonkey Gold which sells for $24.95.

Believe it or not, MediaMonkey comes with many FREE features that make it easy to organize your music collection and enjoy the latest Gnarls Barkley or Beethoven. If you are throwing a party (wild, crazy, or otherwise), just set the “Party Mode” and you don’t have to worry about your friends and guests changing the playlist.


Why do I need MediaMonkey?

If you are like me and have gigs upon gigs of music but lack the technical knowhow (or patience) to manually edit the ID3 tags or download album covers, MediaMonkey is one of the best products on the market. It is easy to use and intuitive.

Do you have an iPod? Does iTunes make you want to scream and go running for the hills? MediaMonkey has built-in iPod support, so it just takes a couple of clicks and you can send music to your iPod and manage your iPod easily. You can also sync MP3 phones (like my LG Rumor) or other music players, too.


Are you into personalization? I am. And MediaMonkey’s community has skins (themes) available for just about every personality out there – and if you are into coding, you can build your own skins!

To sum it up, MediaMonkey does everything other players do, and more – for FREE.

Okay, you’ve convinced me, how do I get MediaMonkey?

Download MediaMonkey from its website – and for those power users who need faster CD/DVD burning capabilities, advanced timers, a sleep timer and more, the MediaMonkey “Gold” upgrade is $19.95.

Now that you’ve gotten MediaMonkey, let’s try updating our music collections!

Sample MediaMonkey Music TreeFind Missing Album Art and ID3 Tags for your collection!

  1. In the folder-tree section on the left side, go to My Computer > My Documents (Documents) and Music (or the folder containing your music files).
  2. Select your “Music” folder, then select the “All” button. All of your music files will appear in the window. Your music files will appear in the main window. Click on the Album column to sort your songs by album.
  3. Select all the songs in an album. Either click the first song, press SHIFT and select the last song. Or, drag a box around the songs, like you do in Windows.
  4. Press CTRL+L to launch MediaMonkey’s Auto-Tag from Amazon feature. Wait a few seconds and you should see the artwork and track list for your album. Sometimes, the feature doesn’t pull the correct information from Amazon, but don’t despair – just clear the search field and manually enter the album name. You can also select the “down” arrow next to the album name and see if there are any other matches.
  5. Click the Auto-Tag button, let MediaMonkey do its magic and abracadabra! MediaMonkey adds embedded album art to your selected music tracks, as well as updated ID3 tag information – artist name, album, release date, record label and track names!
  6. Now,give yourself a pat on the back, get a drink of water, and repeat for all of your albums. Yes, this might take a while, but it is WELL worth it, don’t you think!?!

Further manage and enjoy your music collection with MediaMonkey!

Right click on a selected song or album and get this menu.When you right click on a selected album or song, you can find a whole set of features to help you further manage your music collection.

This includes basics like “Play” and “Play Next”, but also an option to “Send to…” a playlist, folder, music player or email!

My favorite feature is the “Get Info/Buy” – you can chose your local Amazon or CD Universe to purchase songs or albums or Google, Wikipedia or the Library to get more information on an artist or album.

I also like to rate songs, and make playlists with just 5 star songs and send to my friends or family.

Special tip: Rate a song as a “0” and it gets a little “bomb” next to it in the playlist. Funny, huh?

Overall, MediaMonkey’s powerful tools can be enjoyable to use for everyone from music collectors old and new. Even without the MediaMonkey Gold option, users can manage their collections easily – and personalize the program to fit their personal preferences through drag and drop components to plugins and skins.

Do you use MediaMonkey? If so, what do you like about it? Or do you prefer another application to organize and manage your music?

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