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snarf.png It’s not often these days that I find a Microsoft tool that impresses me – especially one that is free – but I have to admit that I was quite taken with SNARF – the Social Network and Relationship Finder.

In a nutshell, SNARF is an MSI add-on for Microsoft Outlook (but not Outlook Express) and its purpose is to scan your email inbox and put new emails from your most important contacts at the top. In other words, it turns Outlook into more of a social network – it remembers your friends and places their emails more prominently at the top while strangers or unimportant mails go to the bottom.

The program gives you a range of options on how it can organise the ordering of your emails, such as whether the email was sent directly to you or as part of a mailing list. You can also have your emails organised depending on how many emails a certain contact sent to you within a specified time frame such as the past week or the past month.

But again I have to stress that Outlook Express users are out of luck. This only seems to work with recent versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2003 or 2007.

Do you know of any other that helps you to keep on top of your emails? Let us know about it!

Posted by makeuseof writer Mark O’Neill


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