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With an increasing number of people buying smartphone, QR codes are becoming more popular. While many websites let you create QR codes to reach out to your smartphone audience, not all of them let you track the code analytics. For that you will need to visit a site called Orange QR.

qr codes with tracking

Orange QR is a web service that lets you create multiple QR codes and manage them. The site offers free and paid packages; the paid packages let you create a greater number of QR codes from one account, along with other additional features.

Creating QR codes through Orange QR is fairly simple: you can either fill out the details such as the title of the code and the URL to be encoded or simply upload an image to encode an advert. The QR codes you create can be shared on social networks, embedded on websites, and downloaded as PNG, GIF, JPG, and PDF image files.

qr codes with analytics

The analytics portion of the website let you view the number of scans, bounce rates, time spent on the encoded URL, and many other informative statistics relevant to the QR code.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create multiple QR codes.
  • You can encode URL or advert.
  • Lets you pick color of QR code.
  • Lets you share, embed, and download QR code.
  • Displays analytics of QR code.

Check out Orange QR @

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