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AdminI came across a program today when I was looking for an application to help optimize TCP connections. If you don’t already know, TCP connections are how you connect to the internet or your network.  By optimizing your connection you will get the best speeds you can from your hardware.

Most people don’t know what the heck MTU’s and QoS are. Hell it took me a MCSE to really understand networking but now you can optimize your connections with a simple piece of freeware. The author says it is meant for a broadband connection but it will also work on anything from a dial-up 56k modem to full on Gigabit.

The download can be found here. It is a 596KB file and I have tried it out on a Vista 32bit machine and an XP 32bit machine.

When you launch it for the first time this is what you will see:


Start out by backing up your current settings by going to File –> backup current settings. This is just to be on the safe side in case you want to revert back.


Next simply hit the “optimal settings” radio button at the bottom of your screen like you see below:


Then hit “apply changes” and you will be shown a window that looks like this


Then you will be given a prompt to restart your machine. Like this –


Do so and then when you come back up, test your connectivity.

Inside the application there is a tab to test ping websites and analyze the statistics but to tell you the truth the difference was so significant I knew right away it was better.

Do you use something similar to this? Do you do this manually? Let us know in the comments how it worked out for ya!

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