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The comments section on YouTube has a terrible reputation for bad language, trolling, and general nastiness. So much so that the famous XKCD comic made a comic about it, which was then adopted into an actual feature by the YouTube team.

overview of youtube

However, the comments section may be useful in one regard. If you are looking for a certain video, and time is short, quickly scanning the comments to gauge general reader reaction may be beneficial.  However, if the video is popular, the comments section may prove to be too big to read, especially when YouTube breaks the comments up into small sections.


OpinionCloud is a Firefox and Chrome browser extension which can help.  It scans the comments for a video and gives you the overall keywords used, as well as the general sentiment based on the percentage of positive and negative comments.  Clicking on one of the keywords will pull up a list of comments containing that word.

The extension also works with Flickr photos but generally the quality of the comments are much better on Flickr.



  • Free to use Firefox and Chrome extension
  • Generates keywords, displaying the general sentiment of a YouTube video or Flickr photo.
  • Clicking on a keyword brings up the comments containing that keyword.

Check out OpinionCloud @

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