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If you’re on an older device that runs Java, or if you use a non-OS10 BlackBerry phone, then Opera Mini is the best browser Optimize Your Mobile Browsing With The Opera Mini Browser Optimize Your Mobile Browsing With The Opera Mini Browser Read More you can have. And it’s just gotten a whole lot better with Opera Mini 8.

The new version of Opera Mini comes with a private browsing mode so that you can use it to sign into a different account on a service or let a friend browse on your mobile. Unlike many other mobile browsers, Opera Mini 8 doesn’t open a new private browsing window; instead, you get just a new private browsing tab.

It’s also got a new Night Mode which dims the effects of a bright screen and uses darker colours that are easier to read in low-light environments. When you need to use it, just head to Settings and activate it. You might not need this on BlackBerry since most of those phones adjust screen brightness to your surroundings with an ambient sensor, but this is what makes Opera Mini a great Java app for non-smartphones 5 Great J2ME Apps For Your Non-Smartphone 5 Great J2ME Apps For Your Non-Smartphone Are you not using a smartphone, but still want access to a few apps? It might be possible - if your phone can use J2ME, there's a wide variety of apps out there for your... Read More .

Opera Mini 8 has also changed the Speed Dial, the default shortcut screen that provides quick access to your favourite sites. The new design is flatter, minimalistic and faster, Opera says.

Finally, Opera Mini has improved the “savings report”, which monitors and adjusts how you save data, such as image quality. Of course, one of the best features of Opera Mini is that it automatically shrinks pages to save you data. With these new features, it’s among the best cool free apps for BlackBerry 10 Really Cool Free Blackberry Applications 10 Really Cool Free Blackberry Applications Read More too.


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