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Dedicated television apps are not a new idea, but HDTV buyers are usually restricted to using only those that ship with their HDTV. Opera today announced a new app store, called the Opera TV Store, which could provide access to a wider variety of software. Using HTML5 as its language of choice, this new app store hopes to give developers access to a market of users that have so far been inaccessible.

Access to the store isn’t restricted to televisions, either. Any piece of home theater equipment, including Blu Ray players Blu-Ray Technology History and The DVD [Technology Explained] Blu-Ray Technology History and The DVD [Technology Explained] Read More and set-top boxes, can be equipped with the Opera TV Store. This should help speed up adoption, as I doubt most consumers would purchase a new HDTV just to gain access to this new feature.

Opera’s press release includes statements from a wide variety of app developers, such as Vimeo and Foreca. The use of HTML5 is hoped to make development easy and allow for quick porting from other web app stores to the new Opera TV Store.

Though today’s announcement makes the store official, don’t look for it on televisions just yet. Currently it is released as trial software for OEMs and developers. More information will be available later this month as Opera shows the platform at industry conferences.

Source: Opera


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