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Opera has just updated its desktop web browser to version 21, and with it, a great deal of speed has been added. Its ‘Aura’ hardware acceleration engine promises to speed up animations and provide a smoother web browsing experience for its users on both Mac and Windows.

Opera’s technology is not actually in use in the Mac release of the browser, instead it’s using Apple’s core animation features, which ends up providing the same benefits as Aura. Speed is generally a huge factor that Internet users consider when determining which browser to run in their daily life, so making these kinds of speed improvements could go a long way towards attracting more users to the Opera browser, pulling them away from Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE.

Another smaller, but still useful change to the browser comes to the address bar. Users are given the option to show the full URL, instead of the shortened version. It’s not a deal-breaking new feature, but having more options is always a good thing.

The remainder of the changes come in the form of compatibility and stability fixes. Of course, not all users will notice these changes, as only those who were actually affected by the issues will see them come into play.

While Opera is still fighting an uphill battle, having less than two percent of the browser market share according to w3schools, it’s updates like these that show that it’s still trying to make waves, and more competition in the space will keep the top dogs constantly improving.


Source: The Next Web

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