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Opera has not only moved to the Google browser layout engine last year with version 15, it also slimmed down by dropping a number of much-loved features. The earlier ubiquitous bookmarks bar feature has been brought back in the latest Opera version 19. A dedicated bookmarks menu is still missing in action, but the bookmarks bar should help you quickly drop your favorite websites and bookmarklets for quick access from the bar. Turn on the bookmarks bar in the settings.


Opera’s own add-on gallery is maturing – 700 and growing up fast. The extensions also get inline installs and a blacklisting option for the nefarious ones. With the bookmarks API now open to developers, you can expect some bookmark management extensions to come into the gallery. The browser now has a visual touch-up in the form of a customizable image background. You can use any image as a wallpaper in the browser. Just right click on any image and choose, “Use Image as theme.”

Opera has an Advanced User Option on the Settings page and it says that new features will be added soon. Opera isn’t recognizable from the versions which gave it a dedicated userbase a few years back. But it seems that gradual improvements are on the way that should allow it to win back some fans who were left dissappointed with the stripped down changes and the move to Google’s layout engine.

Source: Opera Blog

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