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Some shows are more memorable for their opening themes than for the show itself. If you miss an opening theme from one of your past favorite shows, check out It is a website that lists opening themes from popular shows both old (going back to 50s) and the more recent ones. The site is quite simple in its purpose and lists just the themes and nothing else. At the same time it has a comprehensive catalog and lists thousands of shows on its site, all beautifully categorized and presented. You can browse shows by the decade (50’s, 60’s and so on) or search by keyword from the top right corner.

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Every opening theme video contains just the opening theme and nothing more, usually less than 2 minutes long. Below the video there is a short info about the show, in case you forgot what it was all about. You can leave comments under each video with your Facebook login or share your favorite show’s theme on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest using the social sharing buttons. So if every now and then you simply want to hear that opening theme from your past favorite show, this is the website where you should head.


  • Browse and watch opening themes from your favorite shows.
  • Browse shows by decade (50’s, 60’s, ..,90’s, 00’s).
  • Search shows by keyword.
  • Share favorite show opening themes on Pinterest, Google+, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Leave comments with Facebook.
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Check out OpeningThemes.Tv @


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