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Couple of days ago we have profiled Hulu, an online service for watching TV show episodes and movies online. It’s a great website, but as it was mentioned before, it’s only available to visitors from within United States. Like with anything on the internet there is always a way around and that’s exactly where Hotspot Shield comes in. This nifty app lets you access and watch Hulu from abroad. At first I thought it would considerably slow down the streaming but that wasn’t the case. So if you want to watch Hulu from outside U.S. this is the app you need. It’s free and works both on Mac and Windows PCs. It doesn’t require any technical skills either.

OpenHulu - Watch Hulu Abroad

Now a bit about OpenShield. Apart from accessing Hulu and other US only sites, this program can be used to secure your internet connection and data when connecting through a public hotspot or any other non-secured wireless network.

Check out Hotspot Shield @

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