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If you are a fan of indie films, then you should check out Openfilm, a video-sharing site that features movies from independent filmakers and students from film schools. Openfilm lets you discover, view and share high quality independent productions that range from video shorts and web series to feature lengths.

watch indie films online

Openfilm offers a variety of independent videos, from the usual genres like action, comedy, horror, drama, to the unorthodox features such as experimental, film festival, how-to, and video art. The website contains the standard features of video-sharing sites: users can register and subscribe to the videos of other users, comment on videos, rate videos, create playlists, bookmark videos and many more.

However, what sets Openfilm from other video-sharing sites is that it is designed to help and promote film startups. For instance, the website helps you brand your content by providing custom images and banners, lets you earn revenues through ads placement, allows you to collect donations from your viewers through Paypal, and permits you to sell a downloadable mobile versions of your films.

In addition, the site also collaborates with film festivals and film schools to provide more exposure for independent filmmakers. This makes OpenFilm one of the best online resources for quality independent film-making.

watch indie films online


Check out Openfilm @

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  1. Jon
    February 4, 2010 at 6:28 am

    Thanks! I see they have Robert Duvall as their advisers. Do you think Openfilm will really give a chance for us to talk to them, like they promote on the site?