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Do you get a lot of files sent to you though email? Do you store a ton of files in the cloud? Depending on what you do for work, this may be a common practice, and many of those spreadsheets, documents, and presentations could be very important. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember where the files are stored. Well, if you need a way to find the files quickly and easily, no matter how spread out they are among different cloud storage solutions, you will want to check out Openera.


You will need to sign up for an account in order to use this app. First, you will have to link the program with your Google Mail account so it can see the files that are stored in your email. From there, you will need to tie it in with a cloud storage program so you can see those files as well. You can connect it to multiple cloud storage programs and email accounts so all the files from those services and your email will be accessible at a glance.

Once everything is linked, you can go to the website for Openera and see all of the files in one place. It’s interesting to see all files in email that I forgot I had ever received. Generally, there is no quick way to get at old files in email, but with this, you can do it easily, which is just downright useful.


  • View all files from email and cloud storage in one place
  • Sync with multiple email and cloud accounts
  • Download any file right from the web app

Find Openera @

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