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Users of free parental control software from OpenDNS, as well as paid clients, will be pleased to know that OpenDNS have just had the service greatly improved. Their custom domain filtering is now more in-sync with consumer needs and can be updated within a simple control panel.

OpenDNS recently updated their domain tagging system and content categorization, offering several improvements and two new categories you can enable immediately to protect your family. For instance, you can now filter out “Anime/Manga/Webcomic” or “Click/Survey/Pharmaceutical Web Spam”. They believe they’re the first company to offer a filter for web spam, however they acknowledge that it’s going to be difficult to filter out something with such a large presence.

To enable filtering of the new categories, just go to your OpenDNS dashboard. While viewing the filtering levels, click on “Custom” and choose the filters you require.

Other domain categorisation has also been improved on OpenDNS. For example, Health and Fitness now includes fitness-related sites as well as health information, while the Sports category now includes martial arts.

Note that 1 in 3 schools in the US use OpenDNS for content filtering. This means a great number of US children will be better protected because of this update.


Source: OpenDNS

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