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If you are a professional blogger or site designer, you may find yourself jumping from one browser to the other. This can become a tedious task when you have to copy URLs and then paste them in each browser. For Firefox users however, there is a tool that makes this browser-shifting much easier. This tool is called Open With.

open with

Open With is a wonderful browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. After you install it, you can right-click on any open webpage in Firefox and access the Open With menu; here you can choose which browser you want to open the current webpage with. The selected browser will then open up and the URL will automatically get loaded without you needing to type it.

Even better is the add-on’s toolbar buttons. Through these buttons you can place shortcuts to other browsers on the Firefox toolbar; clicking on a browser icon will then open the Firefox webpage in that particular browser.

open with

The add-on’s options will give you control over its appearance in the context menu. Through the options dialog you can also add browsers manually; this can be helpful if your installed browsers are not recognized by Open With.


open with


  • A user friendly Firefox add-on.
  • Lets you quickly open currently open webpage in other browsers.
  • Places browser shortcuts on your Firefox toolbar.
  • Places new entries in your Firefox context menu.
  • Lets you add browser shortcuts of your own.

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