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right click menu edit Here at MakeUseOf, we have been quite obsessed with the right click context menu. You can read quite a lot about our preoccupation with the shortcut menu here Customize Your Windows Right-Click Menu with These Tools Customize Your Windows Right-Click Menu with These Tools Who doesn't love a shortcut? We have compiled three tools that let you add custom shortcuts to your Windows right-click or context window. Read More , here Customize Your "Send To" Right-Click Windows Menu Customize Your "Send To" Right-Click Windows Menu Read More and here Take Back Control Over Your Right Click Menus Take Back Control Over Your Right Click Menus Read More . Maybe, some software has slipped the net. But it’s always better to be late than never as I sit down to try out some new right clicks with Open++.

So what’s there to write home about Open++?  Well, just like any other program which enhances the right click menu, Open++ too offers extra functions in the menu. Open++ has a number of built in functions and also various user configured ones. But unlike any other program, Open++ offers versatility that belies its 231KB size.

The installation done with, the software can best be probed from the following angles…

The Default Commands

The program installs itself as Open++ in the shell right click context menu. Expanding it takes us to the default commands available for the specific file. The default commands are – Command Prompt, Notepad, Copy Path, Run with parameters, Register/Unregister DLLs, Open/Close CD drive, and Set File Time.

“˜Add’ Your Own Commands


This is where the versatility of Open++ comes to the fore. You can configure additional commands into the right click context menu by specifying the program to handle the right click function or by supplying an argument for the file to be handled. For instance, the user can assign the path, directory, name or file extension as parameters for a new command. Well-nigh any command or file on the computer can be set up to be managed as a right-click action. The same utility is extended to the management of executable programs too.

Additionally, you can specify the particular directory the right click action should point too i.e. the working directory. Left to personal choice, you can also point to any icons you want to use for your commands in your context menu.

Associate commands with specific file types. The file types will appear in the context menu if the file being clicked upon matches a certain type.

Link up the commands similarly with specific folders by selecting the “˜Associate with Folders’ option. Open++ will not show the command in the submenu when the option is not selected.

With the “˜Prompt for Arguments’ option box selected, the user can also add-in or edit the arguments for a particular command “˜on the fly’.

Open Up Your Options

The ability to specify your own commands and add arguments to handle file types in a user desired way opens up a lot of options.

For instance you can put up a number of media software on the menu to handle all your media files.

Launch files, folders or applications enhanced with special arguments.

If you are good with writing small batch files then they can also be run through the right click menu.

When I was studying this program, some websites mentioned the use of this software in combination with a simple command line utility like NirCmd. It is a tiny command-line utility that does a host of useful tasks without displaying any user interface. You can then have an surplus of further options like turning off your monitor, start a screensaver, hide a window etc.

I like tweaking my computer to manage it better. If you are cut from the same cloth, then you just might like this software, the choices it offers and its light footprint.

Open++ is free software. It is compatible with all versions of Windows though there was no specific mention of compatibility with Vista. The developer’s website seems to be down but the software along with detailed instructions can be downloaded from here.

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