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Sure, normal people only need to be connected to one Exchange server or have open only one instance of Outlook. I guess that means I am not normal! I have several Exchange servers I use daily and sometimes I need to be connected to more than one in a clip – and until now this posed a huge problem. When you try to open a second instance of Outlook it would just open it within the current context.

In plain English it would open a duplicate inbox to the one I already had open. It was doing nothing for me when I need to multi-task.

I found this tool written by a hacker called TheHammerOfGod that does EXACTLY what I needed it to do and it was also FREE.

If you have a need to launch multiple Outlook windows and you ARE NOT using advanced plugin’s like Xobni than you should definately give this a shot. It is SUPER EASY to use and for those of us that wished we had this for years will find it VERY ADDICTIVE! Check out the download here and you can Visit the HOG website here.


I mean this couldn’t have been easier! I wish I would have found this a hell of a long time ago!


I downloaded the executable and ran it via Windows XP. I had my initial work installation of Outlook 2003 running and Windows shot back the above syntax screen.

So I dropped to a command prompt and changed directories into my ExtraOutlook.exe folder. and ran the following command to get my second instance of Outlook 2003 going:

open two outlooks

And sure enough It worked just as advertised. It does use double the memory and processor power so this would be a no go if you are running 512MB of ram. And Outlook 2007 uses even more resources than 2003 and 2003 uses more resources than 2000 so plan accordingly!

open two instances of outlook

Anyone else use something else to run double or triple profiles of Outlook?

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