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The Windows calculator is not an impressive application, to say the least. It leaves a lot of room for improvement and user-friendliness. Here to bridge that gap is a wonderful desktop application called OpalCalc.

replace your windows calculator

OpalCalc is an excellent calculation app for Windows computers with .NET 3.5 or higher installed. The app lets you type in your calculations as you normally would on a piece of paper – by indicating which value belongs to which item/expense. Your total is then easily calculated using the dedicated word ‘total.’ You can also assign values to variables and use those variables to calculate formulas.

To a great degree, many mid-level math calculations are also supported. For instance the value of ? is already built into the function and ready for you to use through the reserve word ‘pi.’



In case you want to use other mathematical operators, you can always type them or select them from the app’s options.

OpalCalc offers a free version with a “5 line per calculation” limit. The Pro version removes this limit and can be obtained by donating the app any amount through PayPal.


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