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ooVoo is a multi-person live video conferencing tool for your desktop. Basically it’s a messaging program with powerful video chat capabilities. It’s easy-to-use and 100% free.

    ooVoo: “… More expressive face-to-face conversations come alive with high-quality video and audio, making mere talk, email or chat a thing of the past.”
ooVoo: Video Chat / Live Conferencing Tool

ooVoo Features

  • Live Video Conversations: Talk one-to-one or with up to 6 people at the same time.
  • Send voice, video or text-messages to your contacts.
  • Send up to 20 files at once to as many contacts as you want. Maximum single file size is restricted to 25 MB.
  • Import contacts from your email address book. Share your contacts with other friends.
  • Keep detailed call history (i.e missed calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls, etc.)
  • Flexible privacy control features.
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac (coming soon).
  • Broadband connection (Cable, DSL etc..) required.

ooVoo Promo video:

Some random video (with ooVoo in action):


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