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OneLlama is an online radio aggregator that collects music data from tens of thousands of Internet radio stations, filters and categorizes it using their own proprietary technology. You can use this online radio station finder to radio stations that you are most likely to listen to.

So when you search for an artist, it shows a list of stations that recently played the artist, and also stations with similar artists to your search.

radio aggregator

You can browse the stations:

    by Artist: lists stations that recently played the given artist. Results are ranked by how recently the artist was played and how relevant the station is to the artist.

    by Popularity: Shows most popular played artists in a given timeframe (minute, hour, day, week, month)

    by Genre: Lists most popular genres being played. Genres are computed dynamically by analyzing all the artists that were played on the station.

    by Location: Lists ratio stations by location using Google Map.

You can save stations to your Favorites at the bottom of screen. If you want to save stations beyond your current session, you need to register for an account.

While listening to an Artist, you can also browse artist’s Discography, stations currently playing and other information like related tags, genres, similar artists and official website.


online radio finder


  • Online radio finder.
  • Collects and categorizes music data from around 20,000 Internet radio stations.
  • Uses proprietary technology to find stations and artists relevant to your search.
  • Search results are ranked by how recently the artist was played on the station, and how relevant a station is to the artist
  • Browse by artist, by genre, by popularity and location.
  • Save favorite stations.
  • Free service. Registration is only needed to save favorite stations beyond your session.
  • For more similar websites check out MakeUseOf “radio” section.

Check out OneLlama @

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