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online storage
Having couple of GB’s of storage space online never hurts. You may use it for keeping your backup secure from hard drive crashes, or as platform letting you access/edit certain files from anywhere and for much more(see table). As a result of massive competition among storage offering websites, online storage became cheaper, more convenient and even safer alternative to other means of storing your data (USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, etc). There are many good services with lots of compelling features, so I decided to list only those that focus on file storage and also have free account option.

Storage Websites Free Account Drag’n Drop File size or Bandwidth limit Save direct to server Sharing option Read from server Auto Synchr.
AllMyData(win XP/2000) 1GB free(when you share with 10 Gb your space) Yes unlimited No Yes No Yes upto 1 GB Yes 1Gb per file / upto 50GB per month Yes Yes Yes No
eSnips (discontinued) upto 1 GB No unlimited Yes Yes Yes No
Freepository upto 300 MB No unlimited No Yes No No
Streamload upto 25 GB No 25 per file / upto 500GB per month Yes Yes No No
Xdrive (acquired by AOL) upto 5 GB Yes unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mofile (discontinued) upto 1 GB No unlimited No Yes Yes ?
upto 2 GB No unlimited Yes No No Yes
Omnidrive upto 1 GB Yes unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Openomy (discontinued) upto 1 GB No unlimited Yes Yes No Yes
Dropboks (discontinued) upto 1 GB No 50 MB per file / no info on bandwidth No No No No

In case you have something to add here, feel free to add it in comments or contact me directly so I can add it to the table.
Cheers…and my regards to TechCrunch that was source of inspiration for this article.

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