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Are you into astronomy? Maybe you just like looking at the clear night sky? Either way you will love Star Viewer found here. The author describes the application as a star map with astronomy videos and animations shown on the night sky.

When you arrive at the site you will see small squares representing magic in the heavens. On your left is a list of constellations and other exciting things happening in the night sky. Clicking on one of these links will load it up in the main portion of the interface which seems to be using Google Map’s interface.

You can find some amazing videos in this program and it might even turn non-astronomy lovers into star gazers. Who knew there was so much out there?

You can click on the up, down, left and right arrows to move around the sky as well as using the zoom meter to zoom in and out. If you know the Google Maps interface you will be right at home here!

online star viewer



Check out Star Viewer @

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