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Online Calendars ComparedDuring 2006 most of online calendars evolved into excellent time management tools, both in terms of features and visual interface. They became smarter, better-designed and much more interactive. Google calendar Google Calendar - Organize, Schedule and Share Events Google Calendar - Organize, Schedule and Share Events Read More is my favorite, it’s free and has everything I need(sharing, RSS, natural language support, etc). However, it’s not an only good calendar application, there are some more. To give you an idea where each stands I’ve selected more or less popular ones and compared them based on available features;

Google Calendar Kiko CalendarHub SpongeCell 30 Boxes HipCal
Free To Use + + + + + +
Create Multiple Calendars + + +
Calendar Sharing + + + + +
RSS Support + + + + +
Event Drag’n Drop + + + + +
Import / Export(Ical, Outlook) + + + + & Ipod + +
Remainder Via (Email, SMS)
+ + + + +
Natural Language Support* + + + + +
Adding Maps to events + + +
Language multi multi english english english english
Demo Link tour demo demo demo demo demo
More Features link link link link link link

*an excellent feature that makes you calendar application even more user-friendly and interactive. For instance, let’s say you want create an event “Ëśmeeting with investors’ and schedule it for ‘3pm tomorrow’, standard way to do this would be to find 3pm slot and create it within. However, when calendar supports natural language entry events like this can be added on the go(or through email) by typing something like ‘meeting with investors tomorrow at 3pm’

Let me know in case you’re using something different… enjoy!

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