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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good board game, especially with friends. Whether your friends are in far-off places or sharing the same LAN, there are ways to get your board-game fix online. Behold, free alternatives to three of the most popular board games.

Monopoly clone: GtkAtlantic (Windows/Linux)

play monopoly online with friends

Monopoly is my favorite game, and GtkAtlantic makes a great clone of the game, with network play and a simple interface. So if you ever wanted to play Monopoly online with friends you should give it a try.

Options are available for “house rules” such as the popular Free-Parking jackpot. Public “monopd” servers are available and already loaded into the software. If you prefer, you could roll your own on a private LAN.

Scrabble clone: WordBiz (Windows/Mac/Linux)

play scrabble online free

My brother and I have been members of the Internet Scrabble Club for some time, now. The rules are exactly the same as the official Scrabble, utilizing various dictionaries for accepted words.


The Java-based client allows for IRC-like player chat; and there is almost always an ISC official online to answer rules questions.

Risk clone: Conquer Club

conquer club

For the dictator in all of us, Conquer Club is a browser-based game of global domination, with several maps available. Games play out over a more realistic time frame; Each player is given 24 hours to make their move.

If that’s too slow for you, the site suggests that you join multiple games. Why just conquer one world, right?

For more Risk clones, take a peek at Laurence’s top 5 places to play risk online Five Places To Play Risk Online Five Places To Play Risk Online Read More .

Facebook Games

Many Facebook applications allow you to get your game on while getting social. First,’s Java-based application keeps notes of all your past Chess games. Dice Challenge is here for you Yahtzee addicts. Backgammon and Mahjong are available as well as Four in a Row (Connect Four), Operation, Othello, Battleship and Checkers!

Oh and don’t forget Lexulous which is the extremely popular version of Scrabble. There’s truly something for every board-game fan on Facebook, as you may tell from its Directory.

For more classic board games like Checkers and Battleships, please check out Mark’s writeup of ItsYourTurn Play Games Online with Play Games Online with Read More for some Web-based multiplayer board games that–much like Conquer Club–do not require all players to be logged on at the same time.   Also check out Mark’s article on online sources to play chess The Best Online Sources To Play & Learn Chess The Best Online Sources To Play & Learn Chess Read More and while you’re at it, MakeUseOf’s Games section is a great place to find online places to find great games to play.  Well worth bookmarking for repeat visits!

Where on the Web do you go to play while at work I mean at your leisure? Are you familiar with any other online alternative to popular board game? Please give a shout-out to your favorite virtual gaming parlour in the comments.

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