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The lick of paint has been applied, the polish has been added to give it a nice sheen, and now finally Skydrive has undergone its name change to OneDrive. And it will stay that way until someone decides that they hold a trademark over the name “One“.

OneDrive Launches With More Storage & Automatic Android Photo Backup onedrive

To celebrate the launch, Microsoft have decided to give everyone 20GB free storage for a year, if you follow a special link.  And those with Android phones can look forward to automatic photo backups. If you switch that on, you get an extra 3GB. Refer a friend? That’s another 500MB per person. Microsoft are literally throwing space at you.

According to The Next Web, 100,000 people will also receive 100GB free for one year, by following OneDrive’s Twitter page. It’s not completely clear how the 100,000 people will be chosen though.

As well as photo sharing, you can also share and view photos, and another new feature is real-time collaboration with Office Web Apps. OneDrive is cross-platform, and it is baked right into Windows 8.1, Office, and the XBox. So it is easy to use, and easy to access.

OneDrive Launches With More Storage & Automatic Android Photo Backup onedrive2 640x316


To make it super-duper easy to use, you don’t need to switch apps, if you have Skydrive on your phone. The phone will update in the background, and suddenly you will be OneDriving before you know it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper product (re)launch without the obligatory YouTube video with the smiley happy people to tell us how important it is to our lives that we use OneDrive.

Source: The Next Web

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